Around the World In Eighty Days - Jules Verne

Around the World In Eighty Days


  • Release Date: 2013-07-01
  • Genre: Langues étrangères
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A step 2 Reading and Training graded reader, retold by Eleanor Donaldson. In 1872, a rich English gentleman, Phileas Fogg, makes a bet that he can go around the world in eighty days. Accompanied by his French manservant, he sets off on an incredible race against the clock. This reader uses the EXPANSIVE READING approach, where the text becomes a springboard to improve language skills and to explore
historical background, cultural connections and other topics
suggested by the text. As well as the story, this reader contains:
• A wide range of interactive activities practising the four skills
• Dossiers: Great journeys around the world and Passenger ships
and Transatlantic travel
• PET-style activities and Trinity-style activities (Grades 4/5)
• A full recording of the text