Great Danes Bible And The Great Dane - Mark Manfield

Great Danes Bible And The Great Dane


  • Release Date: 2018-01-16
  • Genre: Animaux de compagnie
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GREAT DANES BIBLE And The GREAT DANE is your definitive and proven Great Danes Guide and will be your trusted resource for life with this magnificent breed! Everything is covered: from Great Dane Puppies, Great Dane Dogs, Great Dane Training, Great Dane Breeders, Great Dane History, Great Dane Health, Great Dane Sizes (How Big Do They Really Get?), Great Danes Mixes, Great Dane Breeders & How to Pick the Best (While Avoiding The Worst!), Bringing Your Great Dane Home, Great Dane Adults and Life Stages, Great Danes Nutrition (What you MUST Know), Great Dane Temperament, and all the proven INSIDER tips You’ll need to have the very best experience with your Great Dane!

The Great Dane is a legendary companion and extremely rewarding breed, which is also quite unique, as you will learn within. Everything is covered from Great Dane breed history, finding the best Great Dane for your particular household, Great Dane Puppies and how to pick the best (while avoiding those that aren't right for you)!
Great Dane Prices- what can you expect to pay? Great Dane Care (are there any special concerns?) and keeping your Vizsla healthy for life, is all covered within. Great Dane color variations and what the secrets they may hold for your Dane's health, are revealed within.

Importantly- Great Dane life stages are covered from Great Dane Adolescence, through to Great Dane Adulthood and how to maximize each stage along the way. How to care for your Great Dane in old age, and even how to slow down the process! Mark Manfield covers in detail Great Dane Vaccinations, Great Dane Size, Lifespan, and much, much more - this is unmissable insider info!

Whether you are considering a Great Dane for the first time, or a seasoned Great Dane owner and lover, the tricks and tips within this guide will prove invaluable. This book is the must-have guide for anyone passionate about the Great Dane! The book is written in an easy to read and understandable style. In a straight forward, no-nonsense fashion, Mark Manfield illuustrates vividly all aspects of your life with your Great Dane and the journey you're about to take together!

"My Great Danes are truly gentle giants in my life and this guide has helped me ensure my dogs are extremely healthy and happy - thank you!" Rhonda Dusenbery, Charlotte, NC.
"Great Dane Bible thank you - it's become my trusted Great Danes guide, the tips are really helpful and the photos are beautiful." Donna Stilton, Melbourne Australia
“Great Danes Bible And the Great Dane is really a well thought out and comprehensive guide to the breed. I use it all the time for a reference and it's quite a fun read too." Chris Topaki, Minneapolis, MN.
"Top Class Guide to Great Danes, you can't go wrong!"- James Silson, Phoenix, AZ.